Splash Attack

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Splash Attack is a fast reaction game in which players must quickly react to the roll of the dice. The game comes with several chunky wooden fish in three different colors, with three of each color of fish, each having a different design on them consisting of either squares, circles, or triangles.

On each turn, someone rolls the two special dice. One die has colored faces, and the other die has shapes. Players look at the die roll and quickly grab the matching fish from the table! For example, if blue and square is rolled, you would want to grab the blue fish with squares on it.

However, if a player already has the matching fish in his play area, the players yell “Splash Attack!” and grab the red piranha. If the player that already had the matching fish is the first to do this, he gets to permanently keep the fish as a point. If a different player is quickest, however, the player loses the fish back to the center of the table. Thus, you must be the quickest to react to a matching pattern twice in a row to score. The first player to score three fish wins!