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Få lite ordning på rotet i Root! Designen ger både effektiv lagring och förbättrat spel. Facken kan användas under spelet, och de hjälper till med uppsättnings- och rensningstider.

Denna produkt skickas som en platt förpackning och är ej monterad vid leverans. Produkten kräver egen montering, vilken är snabbt och enkel med vanligt PVA-lim, kontaktlim eller liknande. Detaljerade instruktioner ingår i paketet.

Vi har även lim till denna produkt, Pelikan Craft Glue.


Information från leverantören:

Insert compatible with Root®, and The Riverfolk®, The Underworld®, The Exiles & Partisans Deck®, The Vagabond Pack® and Resin Clearing Markers®.

The design provides both efficient storage and improved game play. Many of the trays can be utilised during the game, and they greatly aid set-up and clear-away times. The insert is arranged in three layers.


Note that this insert is designed, together with the rule books, to fill the base game box. The boards and player boards need to be stored separately in one of the expansion boxes. Please see below for more details. Also note that the insert works with either a single wooden card stand, or with four stands.

These are the faction and game component trays. Each faction receives it’s own tray, with slots to divide and organise it’s pieces. There is a dedicated tray for the larger resin clearing markers.


The large card tray has no base and needs to remain in the game box. The tray is sized to fit sleeved cards. The four slots allow you to store separately the two shared decks, the faction overview cards and the vagabond deck.

As mentioned above many of the trays can be used during the game to organise the components and make access by all players easy.

When packing the box place all of the insert trays in the box as shown in the instructions. Then add the rule books from the game and expansions. This fully fills the box and allows for vertical storage of the game.

As mentioned above the game boards and various player boards need to be stored in one of the two large expansion boxes. The full collection of boards from the game and expansions listed will fill one of the expansion boxes as shown here.

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