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Insatsen är utformad för att vara kompatibel med Roll for Galaxy® och Ambition®-expansionen. Designen ger både effektiv lagring och förbättrat spel. Många av facken kan användas under spelet, och bidrar rejält till att korta fram- och bortplocknings-tider.

Denna produkt skickas som en platt förpackning och är ej monterad vid leverans. Produkten kräver egen montering, vilken är snabbt och enkel med vanligt PVA-lim, kontaktlim eller liknande. Detaljerade instruktioner ingår i paketet.

Vi har även lim till denna produkt, Pelikan Craft Glue.

Från Leverantör:

Insert compatible with Roll for the Galaxy®, and the Ambition® and Rivalry® expansions. The design provides both efficient storage and improved game play. Many of the trays can be utilised during the game, and they greatly aid set-up and clear-away times. The rules act as a lid on top of the trays.


Here you can see the top layer of trays.

With the top layer removed you can see underneath the remaining dice and token trays.  At the top of the image you can see trays for the vertical storage of the game tiles with separate spaces for the faction, home world, objectives and other tiles. In the middle are the the dice and token trays. On either side of these are spaces for the game tiles and player dice cups.

Here you can see the four dice trays that come with the insert, with slots for all the dice included in the original game and expansions. There are eight slots in total, and the leader, entrepreneur, and pioneer dice are stored together in the largest slot.

The dice trays are made with a lip in the bottom left of each tray slot so that the dice never lie fully flat. This makes extracting the dice easy, no matter the number of each kind of dice in the tray.

The game tiles with separate spaces for the faction, home world, objectives and other tiles, are all stored vertically in purpose designed trays. These all have holes cut into the sides to make access easy during setup and game play. This is also where the original game phase strips and treasury limit strips are stored.

These are the remaining token trays. The one on the left stores the VP tokens, the large die faces, and in one slot the dice tools, large black die and substitute counters. The other tray holds the large yellow dice, the talent counters, and the player pieces.

Note that the six large white dice are stored inside the topmost cup, and that the extended phase strips & priority track are placed vertically between the game tiles and token trays.

All the trays can be removed from the box and used during setup and game play. This greatly speeds up the time needed to get the game to the table as well as clear away times.

Once the insert is packed into the box you need to next place the cloth bag on top of the game tiles, folded into four and with the string end tucked down between the game tiles and large faction tiles tray. Next place the player mats at the top end. Then you can place the rule books and reference sheets, followed by the five Rivalry game screens. Lastly place on top the deal mat. This will fill the box to the top and the game can be stored vertically.

The design does not have space for the five game screens for the original game. These can either be stored separately, or can be added on top of the other game components raising the lid by 2mm.

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